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Place: Markham Canada - Ippai Fusion Japanese Cuisine

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Although I don't understand what "Fusion Japanese" refers to, this is a restaurant that I would refer you to if you had money to burn.  It's not a bad restaurant, but I would say for the quality of food and the authenticity, it's considered fairly overpriced.  With that pricing, maybe Cafe Michi in Scarborough or Inakaya in North York would more likely be recommended.  I guess the word "Fusion" was applied to conceal the fact that it's not authentic Japanese food.  Overall, the dining experience was average, or maybe slightly above average.  The server (owner) was very polite and friendly, most likely because he is friends with one of our friends (However, no discounts were given or offered...). The food wasn't too bad; there was definitely effort put into designing the menu.  However, again, considering the pricing and authenticity, this probably wouldn't be my first choice. These maki sushis are literally “fusion.” The green roll is covered with fresh kiwi slices, the yellow with mango, and the red with strawberry.  Underneath, is more similar to a western type of roll, with ingredients I don't remember.

The sashimi was very typical, just like you would have in any other Japanese restaurants.  Pretty fresh.

This looks kind of scary, but I suppose it's unique. However, the fish was "too fresh" I could taste the sea...which I didn't really like.

And after we finished the sashimi, the remainder of the fish was deep fried.  It was really crisp and we could eat most of the skeleton.

Okonomiyaki.  I didn't try this because I saw pieces of green onion mixed into the batter.  I still prefer the ones at Okonomiyaki House: Onion-Free.

Enoki mushrooms wrapped in beef slices, a typical dish to be seen in Japanese cuisine.  Slightly over-cooked, but still delicious!

You can customize your own "ramen." On the menu, there are choices of soup base, noodle, and 2 toppings you can add.  This noodle is surprisingly delicious!! I loved the satay soup base. Everything else in the noodle are things I normally love: udon, beef slices and mushrooms. YUMZ!

A few of our Drinks... Mango feezie, Sapporo Premium Beer, Fruit Soda (I dunno what kind of fruit is this particular one)

mary, 2010-01-26 12:22:28
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Markham Canada - Carnaval Brazilian Grill Taipei Taiwan - Rao He Night Market
Recommend "Markham Canada - Ippai Fusion Japanese Cuisine"

路人甲, 2010-01-26 12:29:02
OMG!! It looks gooooood...............
mary, 2010-01-26 12:30:29
it's not that good! i'm pretty sure akita is more ur type of japanese food lah!
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