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Hong Kong Shops

Place: Hong Kong China - Mong Kok Sneaker Street

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Sneaker Street is street dedicated to all sneakerheads, I believe it starts off at Fa Yuen Street in Mongkok, at least that’s where I always start. Sneaker Street has store after store of sneakers, it’s crazy but I find that a lot of the stores carry the same stuff.

Everyone loves this place. One draw back – don’t expect them to have a wide range of sizes.  If you have big feet, you may be out of luck! Many of the shops are related and sometimes they will bring you the same shoe you just looked at in another store.  Two more unique shops are Chicago and New York which sell high-end sneakers.  They are located off of Fa Yuen Street on Nelson Street.

Karen S., 2010-01-09 14:28:31
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