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Fort Lauderdale United States - Orlando International Airport
United States
View:15/4613 |
First impressions are important, and in this case Orlando International Airport is my first point to see what Orlando has to offer. As the closest commercial airport to Orlando's many well-known attractions they had many decor, posters etc, that were inspired from these world-class locations. As expected for an Interna......
Miami United States - Miami International Airport
United States
View:9/3391 |
Really don't have any complaints about MIA... We were in transit to Cancun.  The lines were short, both for check-in and security.    The airport is very large and the lay out of the airport is confusing, but there are maps located throughout the airport to guide you.  If you are connecting, amke sure you leave plenty ......
Hong Kong China - MTR
Hong Kong
View:20/3990 |
Metro Travel in Hong Kong is perhaps the most convenient Metro Travel in the city. There are 5 or 6 lines which cover the entire city of Hong Kong. While you can pay for every journey by cash, it is not economical at all and it is highly recommended that you buy an Octopus Card as soon as you arrive in Hong Kong. On ev......
Hong Kong China - Ding Ding Tram
Hong Kong
View:10/4202 |
Although they might not be the fastest or most comfortable way to get around, but Hong Kong's ‘ding ding' trams are one of the most venerable forms of transport. It brings visitors through all the tourist spots like western market, happy valley, central, victoria park, etc and for HK$2, it is really cheap to see all of......
Melbourne Australia - Belgrave Puffing Billy Railway
View:6/2870 |
Built in 1900, Puffing Billy is Australia's oldest steam railway and one of the finest preserved steam railways in the world. It runs on its original mountain track from Belgrave to Gembrook in the scenic Dandenong Ranges, just 40 km east of Melbourne, Victoria. OK. It's not "technically" a children's activity, but I t......
Las Vegas United States - Monorail
United States
View:8/3804 |
The monorail is pretty quick and offers a quick non-crowded way to get around. I think that it is most useful from getting from one end of the strip to the other; however, if you are midstrip already, most places are just as easy to walk to. You have to walk to the back of the casinos to get to the monorail and that pr......
Toronto Canada - Toronto Pearson Int. Airport
View:11/4309 |
Toronto's Pearson International Airport is known to be Canada's largest and busiest airport (torontopearson.com).Although their maybe long walks depending on where your gate/destination is, there's a variety of dining options, stores and shops, which helps you from being too bored :P.Overall My Rating;  5.9 out of 10 (......
Hong Kong China - Star Ferry
Hong Kong
View:15/2831 |
The Star Ferry is simply the best way to cross Victoria Harbour. Despite running for well over 100 years, it is still very reliable and the oldest of the fleet has been replaced. There is also one running with the "Hong Kong - Asia's World City" livery which I must agree is very stylish. The normal livery (green and wh......
Hong Kong China - Peak Tram
Hong Kong
View:11/3404 |
Ride the tram to the Peak to get the best view of the Hong Kong city.  The trams have been in use there since 1888.  Once you got to the general area at central park, signs to the Tram Terminal were easy to find and follow.  The line for the tram is giant.  There is nothing really exciting about being crammed into a tr......
HK, Lantau Island China - Ngong Ping 360 Skyrail
Hong Kong
View:8/3364 |
Lantau is a little bit far from Kowloon but it's just a train ride away.  Do the Crystal car (glass bottom cable car) - the best part is you get to pass up all the standard ticket people in line, which is really helpful because the line is really long.  It's a very ltlle more money, and well worth it to have effective ......
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