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Toronto Canada - China Town
View:3/3468 |
Our China Town is small compared to other cities, but comparatively speaking I find much less repetetive. You don't see the same things over and over again like in other cities, partially because its pretty small. The entirity of it is located on one street, called Spadina and you can walk through it in less than an ho......
Toronto Canada - Royal Ontario Museum / R.O.M
View:4/3299 |
| Hedy
The Royal Ontario Museum is a very fun place! There was alot of stuff to see like Mummies, Dinosaur Bones, Extinct Animals, Animals, Ancient China, Ancient Korea, Ancient Japan, Ancient India, Rocks and Minerals, Midieval Ages,and the Gift Shop! I had a awsome time with my class when I went there! I rate it 10 out of 1......
Havana Cuba - Partagas Cigar Factory
View:2/2331 |
It was one of the greatest things i did in Havana. The tour is 45 min and it costs 10 CUC. The factory it is behind Capitolio so it is very easy to find it.This place is a must see, we were not going to do it due to limited time in Havana but I am so glad we did. Its a working factory and of course its touristy as they......
Nassau Bahamas - Blue Lagoon Island
View:1/2873 |
The island itself is beautiful with stunning views. The lagoon was wonderful with white sand and great water. We did the Dolphin encounter which was the highlight of our entire trip. We were right in the water with the dolphins. We had on life jackets as the water was pretty deep. The water is very clean (which was one......
Etobicoke Canada - Ribfest
View:5/3701 |
Each Year during the Canada Day weekend, hungry travellers from far and wide gather at Centennial Park in Etobicoke to celebrate annual Toronto Ribfest where people of all ages can enjoy themselves with a number of great family attractions. Ribfest play host live music, ribs & beer tents,  carnival rides, candy floss, ......
Toronto Canada - Pride Parade
View:3/3150 |
OK, so.......first of all, I must say....... I'm NOT GAY - as far as I know. I've also got to say this is one of the liveliest, most fun parades I've attended. It's not one of your hugely expensive, 100 brass band, glittery parades. It's more like a small town, make your own costume, borrow a truck and make a float kin......
Montreal Canada - Biodôme de Montréal‎
View:4/3740 |
The Biodome is the old Olympic indoor cycling stadium, converted into several ecological habitats: jungle, forest, maritime and arctic. It's beautifully done and you do get a good feel for each area.  I went to the Biodome because it was recommended by my uncle. I have to admit I was skeptical at first, but completely ......
Toronto Canada - Ontario Science Centre
View:4/3053 |
Really enjoyed how interactive and educational everything was.   Honestly, I've visited mainly for my little cousins and ALL end up having a blast! We regreted not being able to see experience it all .  It was a shame that we missed out on a number of exhibits because this place is huge! We probably could've spent anot......
Richmond Hill Canada - Moksha Yoga
View:3/3500 |
Moksha hot yoga is a series of postures practiced in a heated room. The series works to stretch, strengthen and tone the muscles while detoxifying the body and calming the mind. So, $5 is not the normal price here. That's the community class price, which is a great introduction to the practice. And at this studio they ......
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