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Place: North York Canada - Ten Ren's Tea Time

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5095 Yonge Street
North York, ON M2N 6Z4

Phone : (416) 229-1688
Website : http://www.tenrenstea.com/teatime/

Price Range: $$
Outdoor Seating: No
Wi-Fi: Free

Their waffles

Herbal Jelly

Sherbet and Green Tea ToastDSC01416

Taro balls, and Minced Pork Rice

This Ten Ren is located in North York (Empress Walk). This is a place where all the students nearby get their lunches and gather after school. In terms of their drinks, it really depends on your luck. Why I say that is because they always get new bartenders, so their turnover rate is extremely high. If you're lucky, you might get our drink with just the right taste, otherwise, drinks can get pretty sweet. For the food, students do get a discount during their designated time frame. The price just gets higher and higher ever since I was gr.9. The size of their bowl also get smaller and smaller. I don't really drink cold drinks nowadays, so if I go there I usually order their hot tea. 

Little Secretary, 2012-12-29 07:42:05
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