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Place: New York City United States - Toys R Us

(Location has closed)
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Another place in New York that is over come with crowds around the holidays, but don't let that scare you away. It is amazing inside and I personally think it's so much better than FAO Schwartz. There is the Ferris Wheel, a T-Rex that growls, Spiderman, and Superman Hanging from the ceiling, The Empire State Building, a Barbie House, Candyland and so much more. It is a place where you think you will walk in look around and walk out, but it's not you get caught up in all the excitement. I've been there a million times and only bought something once, it's all about self control and you will need it.

We first went in with no idea what to expect as we were just shopping for presents for my cousins. I thought the ferris wheel inside the store was amazing.

Once we got to the top floor we were all amazed to see the displays - empire state building and statue of liberty made out of lego! amazing! spiderman and superman hanging from the ceiling and the absolutely enormous moving and roaring t-rex! i was amazed by that!

Overall i thought the shop was amazing, the floor staff were lovely to us and like big kids themselves playing with flying saucers and airoplanes etc to sell.

So next time you go, don't miss the world's biggest toy store with over 4 floors of excitment.

Karen S., 2010-01-23 21:10:07
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