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Place: Toronto Canada - Aki da Japanese Seafood House

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Some may or may not know, but Okasame is where you allow the chef to choose what you eat for that meal. I have been allowing the chef to pick for our dinner now when we go there. I found the chef is a really friendly person who likes to socialize with his guests. I hardly find places like this. I like the atmosphere there. It has traditional tatami rooms and decorated with japanese dolls and wall items. Which is hard to find in usual Japanese cuisines. I found the food quality to be great, although some might argue it is expensive (approximately $50 - $80 per person).  I do not find this place highly overpriced. I like quality rather than quantity. This is also why the chef has never served me sushi since you can eat that anywhere else (such as an All you can eat sushi).  The appetizer which I usually have started off with is a dish which consists of 5 to 7 small dishes.  It contained two different dishes of Japanese abalone. One of them was a softer texture, which tasted great.  Another dish was shark fin, I found it unique since I usually drink in a soup.  Instead this time I ate it as an appetizer dish. One of the ones I loved from this small dish appetizer was the small fishes one.  They are white and small; soft and chewy.  I loved this appetizers with its many different texture and favored dishes. One of the main entrees was the fresh fish which was served as sashmi first by using one side of the fish. The other half is cleverly decorated while you finish the sashmi. Afterwards the server will then take the second half for the chef to grill it. One fish with two different taste!

I also tried the fresh clam served with lemon. Which was interesting how the lemon mixed with the clam perfectly. The texture was great to chew on.  I found the crab sake rice to be great to. Since it is not your usual fried rice. Some people loved it whereas some may find it a bit to salty. Nevertheless It was good.  Also the plum sake was sweet and perfect for people that don't like the regular sake.

Overall   I will recommend this place to everyone! 

Karen S., 2010-01-28 20:42:39
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Hong Kong China - Victoria Harbour Vineland Canada - Cherry Avenue Farm
Recommend "Toronto Canada - Aki da Japanese Seafood House"

Alby, 2010-01-31 15:58:17
i just went other day,too....the food is so amazing!!
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