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Place: Toronto Canada - Casa Loma

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Casa Loma is Toronto's most prominent historic residence, bringing European elegance & high end living under one roof. Though it is nothing compared to any palace or castle in Europe, it is considered Toronto's prime estate. Casa Loma is complete with decorated suites, secret passages, an 800-foot tunnel, towers, stables, and beautiful 5-acre estate gardens.



The outdoor architecture & landscaping is very beautiful, and it is set in a hilly area (very rare in Toronto), so the setting is very magical. The garden is a great place to relax and enjoy the flowers and fountain.


This is one of Canada's only castles and was built in the early 1900s by Sir Henry Pallett as a gift for his wife. The inside is fully decorated, except up in the tower. Unfortunately, Sir Henry Pallet had run out of money not afford to decorate some of the rooms in the castle, and up in the tower area. But if you climb up there, on a twirling case of stairs you feel like a little like Rumpenzel and it's a gorgeous view of Toronto.  Casa Loma was repossessed in the 1920's for unpaid debts. It is now owned by the City of Toronto.


Highlights within Casa Loma include:

i) Great Hall: This is the main point of the castle. Notice the carefully crafted sculptures.

ii) The Conservatory: The floor marble is Italian but the side panels are of Ontario marble. In winter, steam pipes keep the flowers healthy.

iii) Peacock Alley: This passageway was modeled after a passageway in Windsor Castle.

iv) Sir Henry's Study: On either sides of the fireplace are secret doors.


Karen S., 2010-02-03 23:12:35
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