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Taiwan Attractions

Place: Taipei Taiwan - Rao He Night Market

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This is one of the biggest and most famous night markets in Taiwan.  Plenty of food to eat and things to buy.  The most delicious thing I ate at this night market was their famous spareribs stewed in herbal soup.  It's delicious and it's what the night market is famous for.  The cost per bowl is NT$60, which is approximately $2 Cdn.  You can probably eat your way through the the night market and spend less than $10Cdn.
Although there's a lot of meat, the best part is the soup base, which consists of approximately 10 different types of Chinese herbs.

Oyster Pancake at the spareribs soup place, this tastes really good too. One of my favourites. Made from really fresh mini oysters, vegetables, eggs and starch.

Pork blood rice cake.  It sounds disgusting, but it tastes great.  Not at this night market though.  I've had better ones elsewhere.  It's sticky rice, held together with pork blood, and coated with finely grinded peanuts.

Pretty lanterns~

mary, 2010-02-06 11:05:58
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