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Mexico Resorts

Place: Cancun Mexico - Le Blanc Palace Resort

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LeBlanc exceeded our every expectation!

I feel LeBlanc is the BEST resort in all of Cancun and the best resort I have visited in 20+ years, it’s the people working at Leblanc that put it in a class by itself. The staff and the efforts they put forward is the reason LeBlanc is the #1 resort in ALL of Cancun. There are over 160 resorts to choose from in Cancun and we have found our Cancun home and have no interest to look anywhere else for the perfect vacation!

The resort is absolutely fantastic. The staff goes out of their way to make sure you enjoy your vacation. As soon as we got out of the car to check in we were greeted with a tall cold frosted flute filled with cold coconut milk, and a cold refreshing cloth to wipe our face. Wow was that refreshing!
Everything at the Le Blanc was so clean, perfect and they certainly pay attention to all details, including the little ones. When you go to dinner, look at the table and you will see how all the glasses and silverware line up in a perfect straight row. To our surprise we watched the waiters take out a string and line them up perfectly.
All of the restaurants were very good. The international food we had for breakfast, lunch and dinner was very good and the service there was really great. Isabel, who is a cook in the morning at the international restaurant will great you everyday with a big hello and wonderful smile. You can tell it is truly genuine.

I will say I did have a terribly cooked "Thai Meat" dish 1 night at the Asian restaurant, very undercooked, but the Angus beef & Chilean sea bass at the French restaurant more than made up for it...throw in some terrific escargot and we're golden!

Soo many things to comment on from the room staff who always had our rooms cleaned when we returned from our day’s activities to the overall beauty of the new beach, the pools and the restaurants.

It will be very hard for us to stay anywhere else in the future because I will always compare the other resorts to this experience. I agree this is Cancun’s #1 resort. 

Jason, 2010-02-09 00:26:36
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