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Place: Havana Cuba - Partagas Cigar Factory

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It was one of the greatest things i did in Havana. The tour is 45 min and it costs 10 CUC. The factory it is behind Capitolio so it is very easy to find it.

This place is a must see, we were not going to do it due to limited time in Havana but I am so glad we did. Its a working factory and of course its touristy as they have tours every day several times a day but they should you the whole production process of cigars and you see real workers making them.
You are not allowed cameras on the tour, but can leave them with a cloakroom attendent while your go around the factory. You visit each stage of the cigar making process, from the first to the last. There is more to it than you think! In a world of automated manufacturing It is really interesting, to see everything handmade. The tour was available in English amongst other languages. It will appeal to non cigar smokers too and definately worth the money.
Ask lots of questions of your tour guide, any questions will be answered related to cigars. One thing though, tobacco leaves stink so be prepared so smell when you come out!

Don't buy cigars there there are plenty of other places to buy them,  do not miss this place though!

Peter, 2010-02-18 12:21:27
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