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Place: Pickering Canada - Flea Market

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What is it about a Flea Market that many Dads find hard to resist?  Is it the potential to find an amazing buy and save lots of money?  Or is it the nostalgia of our youths and searching for comic books or toys?  Whatever it is, our family still goes to this one and we recently ate there.  Here’s what happened…

Ambience: It’s a flea market… what do you expect!  Although I must say, this one is more organized and much larger than most .

Kids Stuff: Who needs kids stuff.  The flea market itself is a cornucopia of stuff that kids find irresistible, from toys to trinkets, from candy to junk .

Kids Food:  During our last visit this weekend, we ordered a French Toast meal from “Freshly Brewed” and a souvlaki dish from “King Kabob”.   French toast was ok but bacon was undercooked.  The souvlaki dish was a nice surprise, above average for food court fare, with a tasty greek salad! 

Coolest Thing About Restaurant:  Again, it’s a flea market…

Worst Thing About Restaurant:  Again, it’s a flea market …

Tips to consider: Since it’s like a food court, make sure you bring your own water bottles from the car; save some money! Also, if a patty and cocoa bread is your thing, it’s only $2 from the bakery with all the freshly baked goods, but the Jamaican booth charges you $2.50 plus tax!

Overall Experience:  Flea market + wide variety of food = Fun time (for Incredible Dad and kids) and Waste of Time (for Clean Mom)

Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

Karen S., 2010-03-02 20:55:20
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