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Place: Los Angeles United States - Farmers Market

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In the center of what seems to be several cities coexisting in the same place, Farmers' Market is indeed L.A.'s democratic heart.  Farmers market is where you can grab some real bargains, at a portion of the price you would pay in the touristy shops off of sunset strip.

This was such a great place that we went back the next day. There are traditional farmer's market goods available from butcher and produce stands and souvenirs like post cards and hot sauces available, but the real gems are the eateries. The diversity was amazing.  If food craving is in your palate, this is the place to be. The market have different selections of bistros, cafes, booths, bars and parlors - American cuisine, Brazilian, Korean, Japanese, Singaporean, Mexican, European, Chinese, home-made ice cream, souvenir shops, fruit stand, nuts stand, cheese & wine store. This bazaar gets bustling at lunch time.

Lots of tourists and group tours come here for lunch. Parking is free for the first two hours with purchase, just don't forget the validation from the store. Bon apetit!

Sarah, 2010-03-08 16:32:20
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