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Place: Las Vegas United States - Las Vegas Outlet Centre

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This is one of the two major Outlet Malls in Las Vegas.  This place has an amazing selection of shops and is featured in the film 'The Mexican' with Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts & James Gandolfini, when it used to be called Belz Mall.

This is a very large outlet mall, with a very wide range of shops.  You could spend a whole day of bargain hunting here.  Here there is a store for everyone and for every age. Discounts in every store. This visit can last half a day. Best time to come is when it opens in the morning, becuse by mid-day it is packed.  It can be reached by bus with a transfer, or by car. If you come to buy, this is what I recommend that you do. Get a coupon from the free travel magazines from around the city or in your hotel room. This coupon will get you the Belz Buck coupon Book. Use it when you get there.  I also recommend you visit their website and join their VIP Club. This entitles you to special discounts. Also, they will send you e-mails ot tell you about special shopping events.

Overseas visitors will be amazed at the cheap prices compared to home!  Well worth a trip for the bargain hunter!!

PS: This is a distinct center from the Premium Outlet Mall, which also deserves a day visit!

Sarah, 2010-03-08 17:02:55
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