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Canada Food

Place: Toronto Canada - Pizza Hut

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Everybody knows Pizza Hut right? Well, the one i went to was in Midland, Ontario. The location wasn't bad, but it wasn't too awesome either. The exterior look of the restaurant wasn't very appealing. But, the Interior of the restaurant was not bad. The lights were tinted.

The Menu was just like any other menu that you see. We had ordered two stuffed-cheese crust and a Honey BBQ chicken and some drinks. At first, the server wasn't bad but then when we finished ordering it took more then 15 minutes for the food to arrive. I mean with the minimal amount of customers there, we expected it to serve earlier. The presentation of the food matched the decor of the restaurant.

 Another thing, while we were there, a group of teens were playing truth or dare, and ran around the restaurant like they owned it. (n)


I would rate this restaurant:

              3.9999 / 5

Irene, 2010-03-18 23:09:23
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Toronto Canada - Toronto Pearson Int. Airport Toronto Canada - Yorkdale Shopping Centre
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