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Dominican Republic Resorts

Place: Bavaro Dominican Republic - Grand Palladium

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This was my first ever all-inclusive vacation. Check-in was rapid and easy, helped by a cool cocktail. Our room was in Building 3000 – two double beds, pool view, high floor all as requested to the hotel. The room was well equipped and comfortable, with a balcony overlooking the pool. Cleaning and servicing was excellent. When we got to our room they had flowers out around the jetted tub and the sink, a fruit basket on the coffee table and a bottle of rum as well. They had also left a welcome letter in our room thanking us for choosing them for our occasion. We had a pillow selection and a time menu for service. The latex pillow was the most comfortable pillow I've ever had! We had a view towards the ocean and the pool..

The beach was very clean and we could always find a beach chair to tan on. The towel service was always there when we needed it and there were bars and massage booths up and down the beach. There were several shops passed the resort area and the people that owned them would come out and try to get you to come in.

There were many bars throughout the complex and all had great service. The pools all had pool swim up bars which were always good. The waitresses would walk around by the pool and take your orders ideal when you couldn''t be bothered to move! although it could take a while to get your drink.

We tried all three buffets and found the Bavaro buffet was huge and had more choice than the others it. The food and displays in all the buffets was amazing! choices from roast meats to burgers to caviar to salad and selections of spanish, american, italian dishes every day aswell! You could try as little or as much as you liked

The Dominican people are so friendly. Everyone says 'hola' to you and smiles. They will do everything to make your experience a good one. Although it wasn't needed I will make the effort to learn a little spanish before going back again. They appreciate your effort learning their language. Some of the staff and tour operators know several languages.

Overall, we loved our trip and would definitely go back again. 7 days was probably not enough, 2 weeks would be too long - 10 days would be perfect.

Jason, 2010-03-19 20:50:24
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