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Place: Markham, Unionville Canada - Flavours of Unionville

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This photo is of the shop "Flavours of Unionville" at 155 Main Street Unionville where you can buy a refreshing frozen yogurt, gelato, or soft ice cream. 

Yes, I know it's still a bit chilly outside, and I know the forecast is calling for a few more flurries before the end of the month. The thing is, the sun is shining and spring is here; when I think of spring and sunshine, I think of ice cream.

Luckily, Toronto has no shortage of places to find fantastic frozen dairy treats. Even if you take away all the great gelato options, you're still left with dozens of ice cream bars filled with enough flavors to keep your taste buds excited and your overheated body refreshed.

Karen S., 2010-04-08 14:35:48
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Unionville Canada - Main Street Toronto Canada - China Town
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