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Place: Macau China - Ruins of St. Paul

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The ruins of St Paul have been the landmark of Macau.  Enroute along Macau Square, shops of all kinds can be found, and Portuguese influence can still be seen strongly in the streets.

Despite the structure being overcrowded with tourists, it was still an awe-inspiring sight, and remnants of the church can also be seen in the museum and the small rooms behind the structure.

It gets incredibly crowded, particularly on the weekend, but this really is the heart of Macau, and I could spend hours there watching people.  Lots of food close by, and it is the perfect place to eat a couple of egg tarts / porkchop buns, and enjoy the beautiful Macau winter days.

A must-go for any visitor to Macau and Hong Kong

Karen S., 2009-12-31 01:16:26
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