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Place: Toronto Canada - China Town

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Our China Town is small compared to other cities, but comparatively speaking I find much less repetetive. You don't see the same things over and over again like in other cities, partially because its pretty small. The entirity of it is located on one street, called Spadina and you can walk through it in less than an hour, maybe more if you're checking all the shops. There are plenty of places to eat, and cheap things to be bought -like clothing, Canadian/Asian souvenirs, candy, tea, and other snacks, candies and nic-naks from China. It's a good place to spend an afternoon, or morning.

I do not consider China Town as a trendy or fashionable area but rather a place for bargain hunters. Streetcar is a means of transportation in Spadina Avenue plying frequently to and from various subway stations.

Nowadays, Spadina is not for chinese anymore. You will see people of different background shopping and haggling with the other bargain hunters. And you will not get hungry as there are restaurants in almost every corner - not only chinese but Vietnamese, Korean, and Japanese restaurants.

Karen S., 2010-05-17 11:40:31
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