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Place: Toronto Canada - The Lobster Trap

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The Lobster Trap is located at Avenue Road.  If it's your first time and you love lobster, you will enjoy this place.

While I urge you to pass on the garlic bread which I think is really a hamburger bun toasted and lathered with melted butter and some garlic.

I do suggest you save room if you order 1.5 pounds or more. Side dishes are not necessary. The broiled lobster arrives split in half. The cavity is filled with bread crumbs, butter and a hint of garlic. The tail is big, thick and juicy. The claws do require some elbow grease to crack, but that's part of the fun. The lobster is fresh.

We are more than satisfied with the meal. We have been thrust back in time and our tummies are just as full as they were back then. We don't need those myriad of sauces and all the food perfectly plated every time we go out. Sometimes we need a honkin' piece of meat or lobster and that's exactly what we had. Lobsters are priced by the pound at this restaurant starting at about $22, and they also offer special lobster combos which include either a soup or salad, a beverage and lobster for $22.75.
I strongly recommend ordering the combo with their famous Lobster Bisque. This rich lobster soup comes loaded with chunks of fresh lobster. It’s nearly as outstanding as a lobster inself.    

The Lobster Trap Restaurant:
1962 Avenue Rd. Toronto, Ontario

Karen S., 2010-06-27 17:24:45
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Toronto Canada - High Park Richmond Hill Canada - Restoran Malaysia
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