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Place: Toronto Canada - Okonomi House

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This restaurant is a home-styled authentic Japanese eatery that specializes in making Okonomiyaki, a Japanese pancake-like dish.  “Okonomi” means “to your liking” and “yaki” means “grilled” or “cooked."  Generally, the main ingredients of okonomiyaki consists of batter and cabbage.  If anyone has been to Japan, you’d probably know that people DO add ANYTHING to their okonomiyakis.  At the Okonomiyaki House, the choices for Okonomiyaki are limited to seafood, shrimp, pork and beef ((if I remember correctly)). Personally, I think the flavour of beef is the best of all.  The okonomiyaki is served on hotplate, with the cabbage mixed into the batter, along with yam and all that good stuff.  On top, a layer of their special sauce is spread, then a blot of mayo right smack in the middle. 

Based on preference, you can request for fish flakes to sprinkle all over the top to add flavour.  Because the okonomiyaki is hot when served, when the fish flakes are sprinkled on, they move around like they’re dancing


Anyone going to the Okonomiyaki House expecting to eat anything else will be disappointed.  As I mentioned earlier, they specialize in making Okonomiyakis, and anything else on the menu will be an obvious disappointment ((hence, the name of the restaurant)), and I have personally proven that point.  One snowy February day after the Toronto Auto Show, a couple friends and I decided to visit the Okonomiyaki House for lunch.  Because it was so cold, we ordered their “noodle soup,” intending to have some warm fluid to keep us warm.  The “noodle soups” turned out to be small bowls of instant noodles. Was it bad? Nope, I love instant noodles. But having it served in a restaurant labelling it as “noodle soup” was a disappointment. Anyways, lesson learnt, if the name of the restaurant tells you it’s specialized in a certain product, order JUST THAT!
These are the drinks we ordered.  The white one is a Japanese yogurt-like drink called "Calpis" (Sounds like cow piss, but I swear it's sooo good it's topped my list of favourite non-alcoholic beverages), and the red one is tomato juice.

We started off with a Japanese salad.  It really brings out your appetite with its vinegar base.

The Okonomiyaki House is located very close to the intersection of Bay and Bloor. One block south of Bloor, and one block east of Bay, right behind of the Manulife Centre. Exact intersection is St. Nicholas St and Charles St.

mary, 2010-01-04 02:04:17
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Recommend "Toronto Canada - Okonomi House"

mary, 2010-01-24 11:39:16
haha! yes! ur favourite!
Andrew Ying, 2010-01-21 16:49:27
It's Nice Area too !  Go Shopping After ..................Hehe
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