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Place: Toronto Canada - Guu Izakaya

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SO Guuuuud. and worth the wait.

We waited for about 45 minutes on a Thursday night (we got there at 7:45 and waited til 8:30). Another choice is to go exactly at 5pm when they open.

Guu isn't a place to have a quiet, romantic date, but it's a great place if you want to smile and feel happy -- the chefs and servers' enthusiasm is infectious. As you enter and leave, you're greeted very loudly and happily by all the staff. The restaurant is fairly small, but is decorated very nicely. It's VERY communal. Not only do you potentially share tables with other guests, food was declicious and well worth the wait. Service was quick and friendly.


We had:
1) KINOKO CHEESE BIBIMBAP - Rice, garlic sauteed mushrooms and cheese with seaweed sauce

2. MAGURO TATAKI - Loghtly seared B.C. albacore tuna sashimi with ponzu sauce and garlic chips

3. UNAGI DORIA - BBQ water eel, YUNAGI on mixed mushroom rice cheese on top

4. IKAPIRI - Deep fried calamari with spicy ketchup and wasabi mayo

5. ENOKI HOTATE BACON - Enoki mushroom and scallop wrapped in bacon with soysauce and mustard mayo
Enoki Hotate Bacon

6. GINDARA - Grilled black cod with SAIKYO miso and white wine sauce
7. HOTATE CARPACCIO - Scallop sashimi from HOKKAIDO with wasabi dressing



10. Green Tea Cheese Cake
GreenTea Cheese Cake


Our total with tax and tip for 3 people came out to $100 and we were full.

I can't wait to come back and try the remainder of the menu. I hope they change it up every few months though. Although every thing was delicious the first time, I don't think they're comfort foods that i would crave repeatedly.
Really worth the 1 hr wait. Open from 5 to 12am.

Karen S., 2011-03-31 00:39:40
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