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Canada Food

Place: Richmond Hill Canada - Caffe Demetre

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I've been to Cafe Demetre many many times.  The desserts are amazing. They're reasonably priced, large portioned, and the cakes/crepes/waffles are always fresh.  Demetre offers a wide variety of desserts.  The menu is a full three panel - front and back - array of original creations, ranging from the unique and beautiful Lazy Sundaes to the Scoop du Jour - one or two scoops with cream and cherries.  Of course, you can also just select from the many offered toppings and ice cream flavours to create-your-own.  Ice cream includes peanut butter, nutello chocolate and vanilla-honey, amongst others.  On top of that, they throw in a freshly made crepe or waffle, some bananas or strawberries, and chocolate sauce. The servings provide you more than enough ice cream and extras to share comfortably.  My all time favourite is the waffle with banana and chocolate sauce on vanilla-honey ice cream.

The atmosphere is warm, if slightly busy. In the warmer weather, you'll love dining on the patio. 

Karen S., 2011-04-27 23:37:37
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