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Place: Miami United States - Miami International Airport

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Really don't have any complaints about MIA... We were in transit to Cancun.  The lines were short, both for check-in and security.    The airport is very large and the lay out of the airport is confusing, but there are maps located throughout the airport to guide you.  If you are connecting, amke sure you leave plenty of time for this one.  Nothing is close or convenient.  This airport offers a new Sky Train to transport passengers between the mulbtiple concourses.  Trust me... well worth it.

The airport has recently expanded to offer more restaurants, shops, and local specialty restaurants.  It still has the flaovor of Miami with a twist of a large International airport.

The flat screen TV's in each gate are a really nice touch.  The only thing that was really missing  was free Wi-Fi.  They have Wi-Fi but you have to pay for access... Boo!! Given the fact that this is a rather large international airport, we thought things moved very smooth and really didn't have any complaints.

Karen S., 2011-05-30 23:15:43
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