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Mexico Entertainment

Place: Ensenada Mexico Mexico - Baja Blue Diver

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We just completed a cruise that included a stop in Ensenada Mexico. For our day in Ensenada we went snorkeling with Sal Garcia of baja blue divers. We had a great time. I have been snorkeling before, but this was the first time for my friend.

Sal was very patient and `taught good techniques and made sure my friend had a good first experience and enjoyed the day. Sal provided full wetsuits which make you really bouyant. We saw sea stars, sea urchins, large orange garibaldi fish, an octopus (my friend thought seeing the octopus was really neat) and enjoyed the day.

We chose snorkeling, but I understand baja blue divers also conducts kayaking and scuba diving. I am sure they would do just as well for the other activities as they did for us snorkeling. Sal met and picked us on time just as arranged, he provided transportation, wetsuits, snorkels and everything promised. He met my expectations and in regards to how he worked with my friend and made sure they had a good experience he exceeded my expectations ( I am the type of person who likes to just put the gear on and jump in - my friend wanted time to adjust and get used to things before venturing very far). Sal handled both of us superbly. I am glad we chose this activity for our day in Ensenada (We arranged with Baja blue divers to swing by la bufadora on the way back to the cruise ship, so we got see that too, but the snorkeling was the highlight).

>>Samantha<<, 2011-07-03 23:00:31
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