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Place: California United States - Monterey Bay Aquarium

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I've definitely never been here until this weekend, and I'm glad I went!  First time here - and I LOVED IT. This is a must see place if you are in California. It is a world class world leader aquarium that has its hands in all kinds of research about the ocean.
tropical fish 
I paid $28 (student discount w/ ID) for the ticket, and it was definitely worth every dollar.  Saw the sea otters, jellyfish, birds, fish, and other sea life.  I LOVED the jellyfish exhibit!  Check it out when you're at the aquarium.
Jelly fish
montetery bay aquarium
To the people who got bored - HOW?  There's definitely no way you can become bored - there's so much to see and learn!    
I went on a weekday, so it probably wasn't nearly as crowded as it would have been on the weekend.  It was crowded enough for my tastes.  Don't think I could ever handle MORE kids running around.

Sarah, 2011-07-12 23:57:41
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