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Hong Kong Transportations

Place: Hong Kong China - Peak Tram

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Ride the tram to the Peak to get the best view of the Hong Kong city.  The trams have been in use there since 1888.  Once you got to the general area at central park, signs to the Tram Terminal were easy to find and follow. 

The line for the tram is giant.  There is nothing really exciting about being crammed into a tram and driving for 5 minutes up to the top.  The tram is not an aerial tram, it's an 1800s style cable car that is packed to the gills with people.  There are a few partial views from the tram, but mostly it's blocked by trees, and your views from the top are much more interesting. 

The tram goes up an incline so steep, the buildings look like they are leaning at a 45 degree angle!  The trip up was much quicker than expected. This lookout point sits on the mountain overlooking the entire city (396 meters above sea level).

Not the cheapest way to get to or from there, but it's an attraction in itself.

Karen S., 2010-01-13 00:03:18
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Hong Kong China - The Peak Collingwood Canada - Blue Mountain
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