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Hong Kong Transportations

Place: Hong Kong China - Star Ferry

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The Star Ferry is simply the best way to cross Victoria Harbour. Despite running for well over 100 years, it is still very reliable and the oldest of the fleet has been replaced. There is also one running with the "Hong Kong - Asia's World City" livery which I must agree is very stylish. The normal livery (green and white) though is also easy to spot and truly an icon of Hong Kong. The ferry is probably the most economical way (approx. 2-3HKD) across the harbour (short-haul) and like most public transport in Hong Kong, Octopus card is accepted.

They also have a Star Ferry tour which doesn't actually go to central island, it just makes a big circle in the bay between the island and Kowloon. This costs more, but comes with a narration

The view as you take the cruise across the Harbor is sensational- it is a short cruise, so you may want to do it more than once!

You will mingle with locals who use the ferry for commuting.

The points of arrival on each side are close to interesting things to do.

Karen S., 2010-01-14 00:23:27
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