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Canada Entertainment

Place: Niagara Falls Canada - Fallsview Casino

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This casino was more modern than the other one in the Clifton Hill area. has a massive hotel and shopping area and quite frankly is nicer and larger. The location is prime, towering on the hill above the falls and has a great view from the grounds. The outside is a huge towering building with a huge parking area garage and a mall complex and restaurant area. The interior is really nice, with marble floors, carpets and a food court area and shopping area.

I'm not really into the gambling thing...( I never win when I have tried lol ) It was cool though going in and checking it out.   I only played the slot machines but not much luck.  The slots are a big rip off. I hardly saw anyone win. I am sorry that I wasted my money and time.  I like the smoke-free atomosphere though others may not like that. A word of advice - get the Player's Club card even if you are only going to be there for a day. They pay you back a small percentage of what you gamble, and that can really add up if you are playing slots and putting your winnings back into the machines. The Player's Club card can be used at both casinos.

What can you say about a casino...hopefully you win some money.

Karen S., 2010-01-17 00:29:38
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