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Place: Markham Canada - Carnaval Brazilian Grill

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When I first heard we were going to have Brazilian Grill for one of my College gatherings, I was super excited. The reason being, I’ve been told so many stories on how great Brazilian Grill tasted that I must personally experience how delicious it is. Being Asian, I’m used to having Korean Grill and Japanese Grill, where the food is served raw, and you must grill your own food. Brazilian grill takes no effort on my part to enjoy! The servers bring out the meat in skewers, grilled to PERFECTION, and walks around the restaurant. Each table has a small wooden pillar, one side painted red and the other side green, called the “pillar of meat”. 

If you need the servers to bring you food, turn the pillar with the green side up. The servers would then walk over to your table and carve you some meat. 

Vegetables and sides are served in a buffet. 

The night we went to Carnaval, there was a live Samba performance. The atmosphere was great at the restaurant and the food…unbelievable!! The peak of the night was when we discovered the grilled pineapple, glazed with cinnamon and sugar. 

That’s probably a signature Brazilian dish besides the juicy grilled meat. It’s definitely worth a try.

mary, 2010-01-19 14:33:15
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Toronto Canada - Okonomi House Markham Canada - Ippai Fusion Japanese Cuisine
Recommend "Markham Canada - Carnaval Brazilian Grill"

Alby, 2010-02-08 13:26:35
so nice!!! man....
yum yum!!!
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