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Place: Toronto Canada - Nuit Blanche

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This is the most exciting event in the city.  2008 was the first time i went to this.  This event is a downtown wide event that takes place towards the end of october each year and the festival just celebrated its third year. (i think).

what happens is there are hundreds of exhibits all around the city.  The city is divided into quadrants/sections, and the events that are scheduled are performance events, art showings, installations, and so on.  

So, for example, one group took over toronto city hall, the eye of toronto, and converted  the sides of the two halves that face each other into huge computer screens.  In other words, there were some kind of automated lights behind each and every window of the building that, together, created images of a boxer or of the old school video game pong.

on the west side, in and around liberty village, i watched some guy in a chicken suit, chicken/bird mask, in a carnival like trailer enclosed with windows on all sides (except the bottom and top) do drawings of real chickens that were inside the trailer with him.  his cellphone number was written on the window so you could call him.  one guy did and asked him to do the chicken dance.

other highlights included a continuous waterfall coming from an abandoned building, a material object destruction extravaganza where the artists took things like guitars, tvs and so on, and dropped them to the ground from a really tall height.  it was amazing how much people were cheering.

The event lasts until the wee hours of the morning, so you have to sleep during the day or something to keep up.  its a huge night of traveling and getting people out to celebrate the city and its creators and i love it.

Karen S., 2010-01-20 02:07:45
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