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Fort Lauderdale United States - Orlando International Airport
United States
View:15/4613 |
First impressions are important, and in this case Orlando International Airport is my first point to see what Orlando has to offer. As the closest commercial airport to Orlando's many well-known attractions they had many decor, posters etc, that were inspired from these world-class locations. As expected for an International Airport there was Wi-Fi and decent food.Orlando Inter......
Toronto Canada - Yorkdale Shopping Centre
View:11/5030 |
Yorkdale Shopping Centre is a convenient, yet large and spacious layout for a good shopping experience.In fact it is known to be the 5th largest mall in Toronto. It offers a variety of stores at different budget levels including Burberry and Holt Renefrew at the high end where as more casual stores can offer you Bluenotes.It is also a good hang out spot with friends and family,......
Mississauga Canada - Krispy Kreme
View:18/4447 |
I don't usually buy donuts, but Oh my God, Krispy Kreme Donuts are addictive. They are soft, fluffy, and they melt in your mouth.   One word, DELICIOUS!   They have many different flavor, but my favourite one is the original glazed. One time I bought a box of dozen and I ate 6 of them in one sitting… I had to stop myself from eating the whole box at once.   Drive through and ge......
Toronto Canada - The Lobster Trap
View:10/3915 |
The Lobster Trap is located at Avenue Road.  If it's your first time and you love lobster, you will enjoy this place.While I urge you to pass on the garlic bread which I think is really a hamburger bun toasted and lathered with melted butter and some garlic.I do suggest you save room if you order 1.5 pounds or more. Side dishes are not necessary. The broiled lobster arrives spl......
Toronto Canada - Toronto Pearson Int. Airport
View:11/4309 |
Toronto's Pearson International Airport is known to be Canada's largest and busiest airport (torontopearson.com).Although their maybe long walks depending on where your gate/destination is, there's a variety of dining options, stores and shops, which helps you from being too bored :P.Overall My Rating;  5.9 out of 10 (:Check out their website at;www.torontopearson.com/
Taipei Taiwan - Ice Monster
View:6/3355 |
This Ice House is an excellent place to enjoy shaved ice desserts. The presentation of the food is well-displayed and appealing. I got the ice-shaved mango dessert (which is condensed milk over the shaved ice, mounded with fresh, sweet Mango, and to top it off a scoop of Mango ice-cream).  It tasted amazing.The portions were large (although in the picture it might not appear a......
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