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[Share] (Toronto)Toronto Downtown Foods

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#1  2012-08-15, 14:34:10
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Toronto’s downtown Chinatown is famous for cheap prices, large portions and an abundance of options. To help you navigate the sesame-oil-scented terrain, here’s a rundown of 10 gems that are big on taste, but small on cost.

Ajisen Ramen’s noodle soup.

Heaping, steaming bowls of ramen are the highlight of this menu, though the weekday lunchtime deal of $1.50 sides is too good to pass up. Add saucy, deep-fried tofu to your mid-day ramen meal and eating like a student has never tasted so good.

Chinese Traditional Bun’s xian cured pork sandwich.

Known by many as the local “Chinese hamburger,” this handheld dish makes for a tasty, salty snack for under $3. Larger meals at this Dundas Street restaurant are also popular, including dumplings, noodles and an abundance of vegetable-based dishes.

Ding Dong Pastries & Café’s buns.

Perhaps the cheapest, quickest way to get your fill of food in Chinatown is by loading up on Chinese baked goods. A variety of buns, spring rolls, dumplings and sweets can satisfy any appetite for less than $5.

E-Pan’s peking duck.

Don’t let the modern, fusion-style storefront throw you, this place is classic Chinatown through-and-through. This two-course meal comes complete with crispy-skinned duck for wrapping in pancakes, followed by a duck-and-veggie-filled stir-fry served with lettuce wraps.

Gold Diamond’s happy-hour dim sum.

Not that dim sum generally breaks the bank, but during the week, even better deals can be had. From 1:30 p.m. - 4 p.m., dim sum items at this banquet hall-style dim sum palace start at $1.88.

King’s Noodle’s BBQ pork or duck.

For a quick, tasty alternative to fast food restaurants, night-owls and daytime visitors alike flock to this late-night (and all-day) spot for BBQ pork or duck on rice, or a variety of noodle dishes.

Mother's Dumpling’s fried dumplings.

Made fresh on the spot, this Chinatown favourite has a long list of devoted followers who regularly enjoy the fried dumplings, lamb shui mai and smashed cucumber salad. Steamed and boiled dumplings, noodle dishes and a variety of sides are also available.

Nguyen Huong's bahn mi.

Just $2 gets you a Vietnamese assorted sub, also known as a Banh Mi Thap Cam, complete with cold cuts, pickled carrots and daikon, chilies (if you like it hot), butter and pâté, all served on a soft, chewy white bun.

Owl of Minerva’s pork bone soup.

This Toronto-based chain’s hearty soup is the stuff of local legend. Served alongside a bowl of white rice and multiple small side dishes, this fragrant, filling soup is a full meal for just $6.99.

Swatow’s fried rice.

A classic cheap and cheerful Chinatown dish, the yeung chow fried rice option includes pork, shrimp and crunchy vegetables. 

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