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[Share] (Toronto)Korean food-Maangchi's sundubu jjigae

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#1  2012-07-11, 12:38:13
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Since Korean is one of my favorite cuisines and I'm cooking it quite often lately, I figured I would start a thread where we can discuss recipes and show off dishes . I'll be using both hangul and romanized names so it's easier to google/ask in store/etc. if needed.

First time, I followed it exactly as given, even using an earthenware bowl (뚝배기/ddukbaegi) and a gas burner (가스버너/gaseubeoneo). Heat-wise, I added 2 tablespoons of coarse pepper flakes (고추가루/gochugaru). I ended up with this

It was tasty, but lacking a bit - yes, I realize the recipe didn't call for any salt, and I chose to follow that.

Second time around (yesterday) I adjusted the recipe to include salt during the broth making process. Also, this time I used 4 tablespoons of the finer pepper flakes. No pic for this one, unfortunately. On one hand, the addition of salt made it significantly tastier. On the other hand, I didn't enjoy the finer pepper flakes, and will definitely go back to the coarser ones.

Next up for me, something significantly simpler - tteokbokki (떡볶이). Will post back with results later.

Any good recipes you feel like sharing?

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