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[Ask] Planning a 7 days trip to Toronto

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#1  2012-07-04, 18:10:59
Join Date: 2010-02-21
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I am going to be in Toronto for a week in August with my family.  This is my first time going to Toronto, and I don't have much planned.  I'm looking for some recommendations for things to do in the area that would be "fun for the whole family". 
Thanks for any recommendations!

#2  2012-07-09, 02:36:55
Join Date: 2009-12-26
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The Distillery District. A large village housing an open-plan mall and a number of restaurants and brewpubs in the restored Victorian industrial buildings.
St. Lawrence Market: it's really cool to go wander around, and there are vendors selling souvenirs or other non-food items, but a lot of it is butchers and food stands. (It's definitely worth stopping by though as the eggplant/veal parmesan sandwiches there are as good as their reputation.
CN Tower: It's cool for what it is. Make sure it's clear the day you go up, obviously. It's also very nice around sunset. If you want to have a fancy dinner, you get to go up the tower for free if you eat in the restaurant there (make reservations if you want to do this though), and it prices out to be approximately reasonable once you consider the price of the ticket. (If you have paid for your ticket though, all the food up there is horrifically expensive.)
Canada's Wonderland is still open, which is a good amusement park in my opinion
Niagara Falls, consider checking out the butterfly conservatory they have there, and you should definitely spend some time on Clifton Hill, possibly the tackiest tourist area I've ever been to.
If you’re looking to do some shopping, there’s also the Eaton Center which is a huge mall right downtown. A lot of it is underground, and there’s the path system which connects to public transit and a lot of the other buildings in the downtown core.
Try to sample food from a different region of the world every day. Toronto is a great city for anyone that loves a varied diet, or alternatively, it may just make you love a varied diet even though you never realized it before
Have Fun!

#3  2012-07-10, 01:00:09
Join Date: 2010-02-21
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Forum Thread: 2

Thank you Karen, That's a lot of great information.  
Any good suggestions on where and what to eat?

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